Dear valued customer,

We first want to thank you & appreciate your continued support for The Officer Tatum Store.

From day 1, we have strived to offer high-quality patriotic products made of the best Made in the USA apparel we could find. We do have a few items originated in other countries while sourcing a comparable product Made in the USA at a reasonable price. Even for the three items made in other countries, they are still Embroidered, printed & shipped from the USA, creating hundreds of American jobs, revenue & taxes.


Due to the high number of orders, our warehouses are shifting some orders of the BLACK PROTECTIVE MASKS to our sister warehouses in Europe to relieve our American warehouse employees as they are not able to fill orders fast enough. We are seeing orders for the black mask being filled in our EU warehouses are being delivered in just around 4 weeks. (We cannot guarantee which warehouse your mask will come from or how fast you will receive it).

We were aware there would be delays given the current climate of COVID – reduced flights, increased parcel shipments, but wanted to make the masks available anyway as they were hard to find & mostly made in China. We did our best to communicate those delays on the red banner on our home screen to eliminate any confusion.

However, the initial orders of the black protective masks made on the 16th -22nd of April have had extreme delays & are being delivered at about 4 weeks from purchase date. We ask for your patience. If you believe your parcel has been lost we encourage you to contact USPS. Once an order leaves our warehouse we are not responsible for lost or delayed items, especially during a global pandemic.


The LY tracking numbers given for the black masks are trackable on the USPS website & more detailed information of delivery ETA is available rather than clicking the original tracking link in the shipment notification email. Your tracking email may have gone to SPAM folder.

PLEASE NOTE: USPS has reported an additional 10-15 business day delay on deliveries in addition to their initial ETA given in some areas. USPS has also stopped updating some tracking numbers until delivery. In many cases, USPS can still track your package. Please continue to check USPS.com for updates. Once an item leaves our warehouse, we have no control over when it is delivered to you. If you believe your parcel has been lost we encourage you to contact USPS. Once an order leaves our warehouse we are not responsible for lost or delayed items, especially during a global pandemic.We apologize for the inconvenience & we feel your frustration.


Please note our employees are putting their health at risk to continue to work to complete & fulfill orders as fast as possible. Due to safety measures put in place by state GOVERNORS - shift sizes have been reduced & shortened resulting in weeks delays of order fulfillment. We have contracted out to multiple other warehouses at this time to increase production/fulfillment time, but orders are still delayed.  **PRINT & EMBROIDERED ITEMS - APPAREL & ACCESSORIES INCLUDING MASK/HEADBANDS ARE CURRENTLY 10-15 BUSINESS DAYS DELAYED on top of regular production windows.** You will get an email notification when your order ships. You can track your orders on USPS.com.



 If you received an incomplete order DO NOT BE ALARMED, the rest of your order will get to you.If you only received part of your order know we have multiple warehouses & are shipping individual items out as soon as they're complete even if the order is incomplete. Accessories, hats & apparel often come from separate warehouses, as do some of the masks. It is typical for orders to be deliovered at separate times.


Please note we are unable to cancel or refund any orders that have been ordered after MAY 10th, have begun fulfillment stage or have been shipped. Once an item is en route to you, we cannot cancel or refund because of USPS delays.

Please only reach out to customer service if you've received an incorrect or damaged item as we cannot update on status of orders at this time.

COVID safety measures, lack of flights, reduced shift sizes, increased online orders have all created unusual delays.

We thank you for support during this time & pray for the day COVID is no longer affecting our small business & we appreciate your patience.

Thank you,
The Officer Tatum Store team